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Law Books


Example of Writing Skills

I have a small selection of written work here that can be viewed and downloaded.  If you would like to see more samples please contact me and I will provide additional samples.

This is an example of a corporate book that I created for Lock Architectural Group P.A., a fictional corporation.  I drafted the bylaws and articles of incorporation requred to create the company and all board resolutions and filings.  The example demonstrates my understanding of corporate governance, organizational skills and attention to detail. 

Can you sue a criminal defense attorney in California for negligence or malpractice? This is an example of a research assignment that had real-world application. The issue came up in San Luis Obispo Superior Court in California, and my research helped the attorney address the issue.  I really enjoy legal research; it requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Legal Memo to fictional attorney re client issue. The example legal matter required me to demonstrate my ability to interpret statutes, find relevant case law, and apply both to the client's problem.  The goal of this exercise it to arm your attorney with information, but not an overload. It really becomes a self-editing exercise.  This example shows that I can synthesize information according to my attorney's requirements.

A Memorandum of Law reflecting issues outlined in the Legal Memo above.  Here I demonstrate that I I can take information from research and present it to the court in an appropriate format.  I also make a clear shift from presenting object information to making an argument, that comprises the difference between a Legal Memo and a Memorandum of Law.

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